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Stray Cat Eulogy

Living on a 30-acre farm, my 11 year old son is often adopted by stray wildlife who sense his golden heart. Last week, a malnourished near-death young cat spotted him and mewed her way into 1/2 cup of milk. Of course, the cat became one with the deck for the next four days, still sadly unable to eat.

The 4th day, a tile-man arrived to install a new bathroom floor using the deck for his tools where - you guessed it - the cat died.  He called my sons attention to the matter who, in turn, petitioned his 18-yo brother to bury the cat."Six feet, Eric", says my little guy!  "They always say six feet under, right?"....Well, you know how an 18-yo answered that request!  So, out into the back pasture they went with a young neighbor boy in tow to bury the stray, a good two feet deep.When the last of the turf was in place, the little sweatheart grabbed a fistful of daffodils and called to us:  "Comeon, everyone...its time to say Grace!"... Struggling to swallow our smirks, his little pal gently said, "Um,.. you want to eat him?"  "WHAT?, said my little guy". The friend simply suggested a "prayer instead, maybe?"Looking puzzled, my 11-yo looked puzzled for a moment but answered, "Yeah, Sure".As we were leaving the burial site, my young son pulled me tenderly over to the edge of the pasture, whispering. "Mom, if its a prayer you say when someone dies, then what the hecks Grace? "I lost it halfway through saying Grace as a way of explanation.  He followed, and in shrieks of laughter walking back to the house, we looked behind us to see Eric and our little neighbor rolling on the ground.